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Untouchable Sounds King Series lvl 2 12” subwoofer are rated conservative at 1500w . 

#UntouchableSounds LVL2 15” #Kingseries subwoofer has been completely revamped from the previous style take a look at the sub, it will definitely be everything you have been looking for. It definitely lives up to its name as a True King . With a 3”  8 layer dual voice coil available in D2 and D4 and a progressive spider pack and dual tensil leads with the ability to hold 4ga push terminals it’s really is the King of its series. 

Now you can enjoy your purchase with a 1 year defective Manufacter warranty against  AND #FREESHIPPING IN THE USA 

use discount code: #kingseriesfreeshipping

Untouchable Sounds King Series LVL2 12”
94999 99999

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