Untouchable Sounds was created by fellow SPL/SQ competitors for the love of bass and crisp sound. Our goal is to make you, the customer, want to purchase a product that makes you fulfill that void (GREAT BASS AND CRISP SOUND). Whether it is a simple 400w system or a complete custom 10,000-watt demo vehicle, we want you to find and hear what you are searching for. Untouchable Sounds is exactly where that is and where you want to be, at the throne “Where the Crown Is Held”.

Founded in 2005 and reproducted and designed in 2017, Untouchable Sounds (owned by Luech Kustoms LLC) works diligently to bring consumers exponential components that make a good system into a great system. We are keeping in mind that this is for fun and a sport/ hobby, so we base our products at a competitive fair market value. Our goal is for you to seek the knowledge that our network of authorized specialty retailers can provide you with and develop a lasting relationship with our brand.  At Untouchable Sounds we want you to have a pleasant experience from the “Very beginning to end”.We believe that if you can drive away listening to your favorite music whether it’s rap, country, Gospel or what have you, with a new appreciation for sound, we have successfully done our job.