34999 42500

Take a stand to be the "KING" and get your King Series subwoofer today!!

​The King series is the subwoofer that bridges the gap between SPL competitors and every day daily driver who loves to pound the streets with some lows. The King series is the perfect choice of a sub to meet the needs to "be loud". With the King series you can be just like the competitors in the stereo competition lanes without having to pay to be heard. It all starts with the "heart" of the subwoofer which is the 3 inch vc, 4 layer aluminum coil which allows a strong conservative amount of power to be handled while the motor uses its vent pole to keep cool.

​With a triple stack magnet that allows thermal cooling to handle a substantial amount of force, this is exactly what we all want in a subwoofer - more power and  more force to get loud right!!

King series 10" subwoofers are available in dual 4 ohm impedance with a conservative 800 WRMS.

View Full Specs Here!

So take YOUR seat at the throne and let it be known - "THIS IS WHERE THE CROWN IS HELD"!!

Untouchable Sounds King Series 10" 800w subwoofer
34999 42500

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